Tourist in a tight squeeze: Rescue workers struggle to reach man trapped in a cliff gap

Video: A 75-year-old tourist in China went for a walk and tumbled into a narrow gap in Jiangxi Province

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It's perhaps not the ideal conclusion to a day of sight-seeing in the picturesque Jianxi Province, but unfortunately for one tourist a leisurely walk in the east Chinese region turned rather dramatic when he fell into a cliff gap 30 metres long and between 20 and 50 centimetres wide.

Fortunately for the 75-year-old tourist the day did not conclude like the infamous story of Aron Ralston, who was trapped by a boulder in a remote canyon in Utah in 2003 for five days until he had to cut of his arm to break free. The story was turned into a film by Danny Boyle entitled 127 Hours.

This Chinese man was trapped luckily for only two hours as his cries for help were heard by local students who immediately called emergency services.

Firefighters hacked away at the surrounding rock while rescue workers entered a gap from the other side and helped the elderly man get on his feet and leave the tiny cliff gap.

It's not the first Chinese case of misplaced steps.

Last year, a sleepwalking man in China woke up to find himself trapped in a crevice. A local villager found the 27-year-old man trapped in a gap about 100 feet off the ground. He had been missing for two days and only suffered a few bruises after he was rescued.