Trinity collage : FLAT EARTH

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WHICH three human beings best sum up the spirit of the age? It's not the sort of question we would normally dare ask, but since a reader has supplied both the query and an answer, it's worth considering. The notion came to him, in fact, when he wa nderedinto a shop in Rawalpindi and there he saw, side by side on three posters, Bruce Lee, Saddam Hussein and the Princess of Wales. The more you think about this trio - Hero, Ogre and Beautiful Princess, the more plausible the choice seems.

It's true that Lee was only a celluloid hero, that Di is of perhaps less than fairy-tale innocence, and that the Ogre on the Tigris is still alive and building palaces across his unlucky land. And it's also true that the fates of the three are not entwined, as in the best legends - but put that down to the dissocia