Unita surrounds capital

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LUANDA (Reuter) - Unita forces have effectively surrounded the Angolan capital, Luanda, South African diplomats said yesterday. They confirmed reports by government media that Unita had placed 7,000 heavily armed men in strategic positions in Bengo province, just outside Luanda.

Talks on arranging a peace summit between President Jose Eduardo dos Santos and Unita's leader, Jonas Savimbi, are making little progress. State radio said senior officials of the ruling MPLA and representatives of Unita had been unable to reach a consensus on an agenda for a meeting. The officials said the political and military commissions meeting in Luanda would continue their talks over the weekend. A summit between President dos Santos and Mr Savimbi was unlikely before next week. Mr Savimbi has withdrawn to Huambo, in the central highlands, where he is continuing to contest the outcome of the presidential and parliamentary elections.