Video: Controversial Toronto Mayor Rob Ford releases bobblehead toy

Hundreds queue to buy a signed bobblehead doll of scandal-hit Toronto mayor Rob Ford

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Hundreds of people queued at Toronto City Hall yesterday to buy a limited-edition bobblehead doll of Mayor Rob Ford, which quickly sold out.

He joined the list of controversial politicians last week after admitting smoking crack cocaine.

However, Mr Ford insists he will not step down and in fact, the scandal raised his popularity.

Although the idea of selling 1,000 "Robbie Bobbies" was conceived before he was caught in video smoking crack cocaine, the demand for the toy didn't mute.

The 6-inch-high doll is a recreation of Mr Ford's head on a spring neck costing $19 (£12) each. For Ford's followers who didn't get chance to get their hand on the toy, it is now available on eBay for as much as 15 times its purchase price.

Facing such success, the Toronto mayor is planning to order more bobbleheads and launch a T-shirt sale too.