Video: Guide dog meets Pluto on board Disney cruise ship

A heartwarming video captured an assistant dog playing with a man dressed as cartoon pooch Pluto

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There was some festive cheer on board a Disney cruise liner when man's best friend made friends with a man dressed as a dog.

In scenes to warm your cockles, an assistant dog on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship was spotted playing with an actor dressed as the cartoon canine Pluto.

The fluffy white dog named Bingo was with his owner Mark when he encountered the larger-than-life Pluto. At first Bingo appeared to be apprehensive, taking tentative steps towards Pluto before dashing into retreat behind his owner.

However, after being encouraged to make friends by Mark, Bingo began to trust Pluto. The pair eventually played together, with Bingo even licking Pluto's nose and shaking his hand. Pluto can be seen on all fours nuzzling Bingo. The video ends with the pair frolicking about and posing for photographs.

The five-minute video was captured by Nicholas Fabian, who uploaded it to YouTube and wrote: "While on a Disney Fantasy Thanksgiving cruise I saw this amazing scene occurring."