Video: Russian ambassador calls for 'illegal' Putin Pub in Kyrgyzstan to close

Ambassador claimed the 'dubious drinking site' in the capital Bishkek was 'unethical'

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A Russian ambassador has vowed to close down a pub in Kyrgyzstan named after leader Vladimir Putin.

Andrei Krutko described the Putin Pub, which opened in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek two weeks ago, as "a dubious drinking site" and labelled it "unethical" in remarks to Radio Free Europe.

"When I saw the banners I talked to the mayor and he ordered them to take all of them down because they were illegal," he said.

The pub is decorated with images of the Russian president, including posters depicting Mr Putin offering punters 'Free Beer' and advertising other drink deals.

Mr Krutko claimed: "I think we will close down this bar or at least change its name."

The posters had also decorated the city, where 90 per cent of residents expressed a 'great deal of confidence' in the leadership of Mr Putin, although they have now been taken down as well.

The pub's owner, Ernest Japarov, declared he is no Putinist. "I just wanted to create a warm place where people could enjoy a lively atmosphere and not take themselves too seriously," he told

Opening last month, drinkers were treated to a lively pub quiz (sample question: What is Putin's favourite female name? Answer: Alina, a choice perhaps motivated by Mr Putin's alleged relationship with former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva) as they enjoyed the Putin paraphernalia and themed drinks named after the Russian leader.

A slightly more controversial cocktail, made from absinthe and peach snaps, is enthusiastically named 'Crimea is ours'.

How sweet-tasting that cocktail is remains to be seen, but if Mr Krutko gets his way rival pub the Obama Bar may be getting significantly more business across town.