Warring or whoring? : FLAT EARTH

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GOT that? OK, now you're ready for the next lesson in military biology - or is it biological militarism?

Speaking in Jerusalem to secondary school students due to be conscripted upon graduation, Colonel Hacohen reminded them that "men have always been warriors and women prostitutes". He then out-Newted Gingrich by saying computers and answering machines could perform many of the duties of Israel's women soldiers, who are barred from combat.

Female students walked out, and politicians and activists called for his head. The colonel apologised, adding that he was misquoted. What he actually said, he insisted, is that "since the dawn of history men have been fighters and women have been whores". Clear?

Hacohen's superior "severely reprimanded" him for the "humiliating and hurtful" remarks in the "unauthorised lecture".