Watch: Oil tanker driver survives unbelievable crash

Video: One lucky tanker driver emerged seemingly unscathed after his petrol truck exploded in flames on a busy motorway

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A petrol tanker driver had an almost unbelievable escape after his truck collided with a lorry on a Russian motorway, causing a huge explosion.

After the tanker erupts in flames, with smoke billowing into the sky, the driver can be seen hopping from the cab to inspect the damage to his truck, before getting back into the driver’s seat – seemingly to retrieve something.

The spectacular crash was captured on film by another driver following the lorry, which was travelling along the busy M5 road leading to the Russian border with Kazakhstan.

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The event occurred near the town of Miass in Russia and it was filmed by a camera mounted on the dash board of another vehicle.

Immediately after the explosion, the vehicle filming the crash begins to reverse away from the accident, evidently fearing further explosions.

From the footage it appears the crash may have been caused by the difficult driving conditions, as heavy rain can be seen almost obscuring the windscreen.

Just prior to the crash another lorry can be seen pulled up on the side of the road, having lost control and ended up on the hard shoulder.

Luckily it appears no one was hurt in this crash.

Source: Newsflare