Yesterday at the conference

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Main announcements

Move towards an Atlantic free trade area

Rural housing to be excluded from extension to

Right to Buy

Combined Navy-Army-RAF strikeforce to be formed

Ministerial committee on children at risk

Initiative to get more children involved in the arts

Quotes of the day

"Where Palmerston would have sent a gunboat, Robin Cook would send Rainbow Warrior." Malcolm Rifkind

"Contrary to what some of you may think, this is not - officially - an opposition party." Brian Mawhinney about the Today programme

"Brussels. You knew I'd mention it." Michael Portillo, turning to Major

Good day... ...bad day Devil of the day

Michael Portillo

wrapped himself in the glory of the SAS to win prolonged applause

John Redwood

relagated to the fringe as his right-wing rival wowed the conference

Radio 4's Today programme

vilified by Mr Mawhinney for kow-towing to pressure groups

1 Europe: The Battle for Britain. Freedom Association

with seven formerly whipless rebels. Drew 300 people

2 European Foundation meeting entitled The Socialist

Betrayal of Europe. Lord Tebbit in lead role (drew 230)

3 Conservative 2000 - What Next? Debate with John

Redwood and Andrew Rowe, stand-in for Alan Howarth

Parties to be seen at

Lord Hesketh's at the Imperial; Institute of Directors


Daily Mail chief Sir David English dining with Michael Heseltine


Michael Portillo


94.5 decibels

Brian Mawhinney


93 decibels

Malcolm Rifkind


89 decibels

Michael Dobbs' man of the moment

(the performance which took the eye of the former Tory vice-chairman and House of Cards author)

Whoever was responsible for the autocue malfunctioning so

Mr Mawhinney was forced to communicate directly with the audience

Today's speeches

Transport, Sir George Young. Education and employment, Gillian Shepard. Competition and deregulation, Michael Heseltine. Social security, Peter Lilley. Health, Stephen Dorrell. Local government and housing, David Curry. Compiled by Stephen Goodwin