Yet another black day for British sport

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With egos, not to mention faces, bruised and reputations battered, this was a difficult weekend to be an Englishman.

Will Carling, with 65 caps, 58 as captain, held his head high at training yesterday after announcing his resignation as captain of the national rugby team. His worries on the pitch may not seem quite as bad as his problems off it, but, nevertheless, it has been a hard season. Thus far, the weight of expectation has not been matched by performances.

At least eager anticipation follows Carling's heroes. For England's cricketers, read trepidation. They return home after Saturday's World Cup annihilation by the Sri Lankans to the inevitable inquest. Verdict: Death by lack of adventure.

Still, the dashing Damon Hill offered some cheer by winning the Melbourne Grand Prix, even if he was helped on his way by a spectacular first-lap crash and the race leader's engine ceasing up.

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