Yorkshire's outpourings while a crisis ran and ran

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''I have not had bath or shower for three months and nobody has noticed. You can wash adequately in half a bowl of water.''

Trevor Newton, chief executive, Yorkshire Water

''I had my last bath at home on the day the hosepipe ban was introduced. But my parents and my in-laws don't live in Yorkshire, so I usually take the opportunity to have a bath when I'm there.'' Trevor Newton, after being challenged on his bathing habits.

''The reality is that people do not value water in the way they value gas and electricity. Everybody knows it makes sense to econ-omise with gas and electricity. Why do people not feel the same way about water?'' Gerry MacGriogair, Yorkshire Water spokesman

''When you do the washing-up, you use a bowl. You don't just let the water run over things. In washing, you have a basin. That is why a bowl refers to washing-up.'' John Gummer, Secretary of State for the Environment

''I have no idea of the colour of my washing-up bowl. What a question! It is a perfectly normal washing-up bowl like everybody else's. Of a plastic variety.'' John Gummer, questioned further on his washing-up

''Cut off our supplies and I'll have your guts for garters. This is a damned disgrace. We suffer and it's the shareholders who gain. It should never have come to this.'' Marjorie Cass, 77, of Bradford, to a Yorkshire Water official overseeing standpipe trials