'You don't have a choice'

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DOUGLAS MUS, 28, drives buses in London for Stagecoach. As a transport worker he will not be affected by the directive but he feels a maximum 48-hour week would be welcomed by most of his colleagues - "as long as it pays the same.

"At the moment we are supposed to do about a 40-hour week but it never works out that way," he said

"It can go up to 48 hours and sometimes up to 60. It depends what duties the company have put you on. If they want you to work a few extra hours, then you don't really have any choice in the matter," he added.

As he finished his shift at a bus depot in east London, Mr Mus, from Ilford, Essex, said: "I don't really know much about this subject, but a 48-hour week seems like a good idea. I think most people would definitely rather do a flat-week as long as the wages weren't affected. Of course, I'd rather work a 40-hour week - if that's possible!"