Young Britain: Education hits the right note

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Natalie Clein, 20, was BBC Young Musician of the Year in 1994. She was educated at a girls' secondary school in Dorset and at the Royal College of Music.

"It is important to me that I had a normal, broad education. I did eight GCSEs and sports like everyone else whereas they're down to four or five at some special music schools.

"The interests I developed in school - in reading, drama and art - all keep me sane now that I'm in Vienna playing the cello. I did A-level Classics and English, so, whichever city I'm in, I want to see Greek vases or go to the theatre.

"School gave me a love of these subjects and a belief that education doesn't just stop when you're 18. I hope that one day, when I have some time, I will be able to go to university to study English or history of art.

"My only criticism of school is that I wish I had learnt more life skills, like knowing how to deal with managers. I wish school had taught me better how to be strong and stand up for myself in some of the difficult situations I find myself in."