Young Britain: Forward planning - the girlie key to success

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Sarah Cox, 22, from Bolton, presented Channel Four's The Girlie Show and is now the face of Vladivar Vodka.

"It's important to think ahead about the future. I've modelled in Manchester, New York and Milan and I'm having a brilliant time drinking vodka and being paid loads for doing it. But I'm under no illusions that I'm still going to be a celebrity when I'm in my dotage like Cilla. So I'm looking to have my own show soon, where I'm chatting to people.

"I'm pretty independent, living on my own in north-west London. It's important for me to be a strong woman.

"Young women like me feel we have every right to have sex with as many partners as men and be just as demanding in the bedroom. But I don't play in the rain without a macintosh - it's got to be safe and fun. I do prefer to be with one person. I like getting to know people really well. You get more out of the sex. I'm not one to cop off behind the local kebab eaterie with any Tom, Dick or Harry."

Robin Banks, 25, is a lunchtime DJ on Virgin FM.

"I started out in radio when I was 12. I sort of just fell into it, it was a stroke of luck really and once I got into the whole radio thing I just stuck with it.

"My female friends are a lot more organised about their careers. By the time they reach their late teens they knew exactly what they wanted and where they were going.

"They have always been much more focused on everything they do in comparison to blokes. Deep down, guys know what they want but they don't show it. Their careers tend to be a lot more `let's see how it goes', while women show their feelings a lot more which helps them articulate what they want.

"I heard this joke the other day which really summed it all up. When a woman wakes up in the morning she jumps out of bed and says I must get dressed, I must go to toilet, I must do this and do that. While a bloke will lie in bed for ten minutes saying `come on thought, come on brain ... ah, yes, food'."