Your Chance To Question Peter Mandelson

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THIS WEEK Independent readers have an opportunity that has been denied every top press and television interviewer for the past four months: the chance to put questions to Peter Mandelson. What does he miss most about life at the top? How has he been spending his time since he resigned? Why did he take out the home loan that precipitated his fall? Does he think public life now makes private life impossible? What are his favourite novel, film and painting? Since losing his cabinet job, has he lost friends?

In answering questions from our readers, Mr Mandelson honours a commitment he made before his resignation. His answers will be published in Saturday's Independent, in advance of the publication of a new book, Mandelson, by Donald Macintyre.

On Monday, The Independent begins serialisation of the biography, which is neither authorised nor official and which is a compelling account of one man's part in the making of New Labour.

Readers who wish to take part in this unique opportunity to interview one of the most vivid and controversial figures in modern politics can pose their questions in one of four ways.

a) Simply call in your question by telephone on 0171-293 2844 between 9am and 5pm today and tomorrow.

b) E-mail your question to to reach us no later than 5pm tomorrow.

c) Fax your question to us on 0171 293 2453 by 5pm tomorrow.

d)Send your question on a postcard to Mandelson Talks!, The Independent, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL.