Advert for £737 tiny London flat pulled by Relocate-Me after 'abusive' calls from public

The flat had a bedroom, kitchen and shower all in one room

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An estate agent has been forced to pull an advert for a £737-a-month, “self-contained” flat in central London after receiving a string of "abusive phonecalls" from members of the public angered by the property.

Photos of the studio flat appeared to show a small, white-walled room, furnished with a dining table and chair, a wardrobe, a hob and sink - all close to the prospective occupant’s single bed.

The new tenant of the property in Kember Street, near Kings Cross station in the capital, would have been expected to pay £170 per week, or £737 per calendar month – below the £444 per week average in the N1 area, according to a property website.

An advert posted by Relocate-Me on Right Move described the property as a “modern studio apartment” which “comes complete and fully self-contained with its own en-suite bathroom and kitchenette”.

It goes onto explain the “fully furnished” flat has a “neutral deco [sic] and laminated floor boards through-out".

Within hours of appearing on, the advert for the property had gone viral across social media. Just a day after being posted the advert was pulled because Relocate-Me had been inundated with "abusive" calls, staff said.

Last month a similarly small property was on the market for £563 a month near Earls Court in West London, while a garden in the affluent borough of Kensington and Chelsea sold for £80,000 - over the average price of a home fewer than 300 miles away in the northern city of Durham.

Steven Boochoon, a spokesman from Relocate-me, told The Independent on Tuesday that the they "have had a fair few people who were keen" despite the questionable size and price tag.