Christmas lights: are you for or against?

New research suggests another property divide is emerging ...

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Almost half of us love to see plenty of illuminated Father Christmases, snowmen and reindeers outside houses  in the run up to Christmas.

However, the research from the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank also indicates that 14 per cent think they are a waste of money and a further 11 per cent actively wished their neighbours would not decorate the outside of their homes.

Nearly one in ten  of those surveyed said they simply do not like Christmas decorations while a sixth said they would like to put lights outside their home but the cost of powering them puts them off.

Meanwhile, homeowners are being encouraged to make sure they are properly insured for the festive period.

The Co-operative Home Insurance says homeowners should ‘winter-proof’ their house to help avoid claiming over Christmas. Its research suggests that nearly half of all homewoners are ignoring crucial jobs that could put a dent in their festive spirit.

Top of the list of  most avoided winter jobs is clearing the gutters (34 per cent), followed by clearing the garage to store the car (18 per cent), with bleeding radiators coming third (15 per cent).

Anthony Lewis, Head of Home Insurance at The Co-operative Insurance said: "A few spot checks around your home will reduce the likelihood of winter rains, snow, wind and cold causing structural damage, which could result in your home being inhabitable."