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good thing

The Wrath of Grapes, pounds 7.99

Although the sub-title of this pocket-sized gem is The Hangover Companion, it is not a guide to how get one - after all, we all know how that's done. Instead, it's a step-by-step guide to avoiding them without having to give up drink. And should a heavy head and heaving stomach slip through the net, there is a whole chapter devoted to dealing with your hangover. First off is correct identification: have you landed yourself with a "monster maker" or a "time traveller" - or is it a "slow burner"? The final chapter is a spectacular collection of hangover cures including the legendary Hair of the Dog and the alarming Hangman's Blood

mad thing

Fashion pundits can recreate fresh and zany catwalk looks using "Twirlees". Add an electric-blue stripe a la Chanel in an instant. Club queens and disco divas can also add Twirlees to synchronise their latest look. Available in siren red, pixie green, electric blue, petal pink, canary yellow and this season's favourite: passionate purple.

pounds 6.95 each from Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1, and Superdrug branches nationwide.

sure thing

Cocktail shaker, pounds 15 and Martini glasses, pounds 8 for a set of four.

No party is complete without cocktails, and Martinis are just the thing: easy to make and easier still to drink. Get yourself down to M&S and grab one of these sleek chrome shakers and a set of Martini glasses. But remember, this is the drink that 007 got wrong -Martinis are never shaken, you should use the shaker to rinse your ice with Dry Vermouth, pour off the liquid, drop the ice cubes into the glass and top up with your chosen poison. If you like your Martini gin based try Tanqueray, which comes in a bottle to match this shaker, and if you prefer vodka make sure it's Polish.

Marks and Spencer stores nationwide.