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High praise online for 'most sensible' initiative
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Public response to our Let Children Grow campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, with one reader describing it as "one of the most sensible initiatives we've seen for a long time".

A series of blog entries praise the practical nature of the campaign, with sirjasper commenting that it is "good to know that some kids are receiving 'hands on' experience in such practical and useful subjects".

Readers have also been swapping tips on how schools with limited space can get involved: "Certain vegetables can be grown in pots of various sizes, so those schools that look more like concrete jungles can join in. And homes with small backyards instead of lawns can use the same strategy. There is plenty of great advice to be had at your local garden centre and also on the internet," writes Erol888flynn.

Several commentators note that gardening used to be commonplace in UK schools, drawing comparisons to classes in Rural Science, which were on the school curriculum.

"When I joined a Lincolnshire secondary school in 1970, to teach physics, it had a flourishing gardening department, which was very popular. The produce was largely consumed by the school canteen – a double benefit," says pete_in_crete.