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HIDING behind a red suit, red hat and white cotton-wool beard, the Candid Caller was feeling festively generous. He rang up some very seasonal recipients and asked: what is the best Christmas present you've ever had and what would you most like to receive this year?

Mrs Carol Christmas, of Daventry: 'Just to have my family around me has always been the best thing. If I could ask for anything it would be a world cruise.'

Mr Derek Christmas, of Southampton: 'A bike when I was a lad, it was magic. The best I could have now is a win on the pools.'

Mr James Christmas, of Brighton: 'In the past, having my family around me was the best thing. If I could ask for anything these days, it would be good health.'

Mrs Bernice Christmas, of Leicester: 'I can't think of anything great I've ever received but the best one would be an extra house in Leicester, to house my single-parent daughter.'

Mr Leslie Christmas, of Ashford, Kent: 'A beautiful gold watch my mother once gave my father, which later passed over to me. The best thing now would be good health - you can't beat it]'

Mrs Sally-Ann Christmas, of Glasgow: 'I've never had anything really outstanding for Christmas, but the best thing I could get would be a new car, any new car so long as it got me from A to B'

Mrs Janet Christmas, of Doncaster: 'Some lovely jewellery. The best thing I could receive is a pile of money.'

Mr Peter Christmas, of Newcastle-under-Lyme: 'The best Christmas presents I've had in the past have been my two daughters-in-law. The best present I could ever have, I'm getting this year - two new grandchildren.'