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APPLE DAY on 21 October is now a fixed part of the autumn calendar, thanks to Common Ground. The charity says it works 'to give people the sense that their values matter, their ordinary landscapes are important and that they can change things'. Apple Day is a celebration of the thousands of different varieties that have been bred and grown in this country, each variety particular to a different region.

Common Ground has published an apple map of Britain in the form of a poster that shows where particular apples come from, their history, uses and cultivation. It costs pounds 5, including postage and packing. There is also a wide programme of events to celebrate apple day. At Sulgrave Manor, Banbury, Oxfordshire, there will be apple tastings, identification and displays. Contact Maureen Jeffrey (0295 760205) for details. In the covered market in Leicester there will be apple tastings from a special stall. Contact Andy Lees (0533 856675) for details.

Special apple dishes will be served in the restaurants at the National Trust's properties in Norfolk and Suffolk. At Tewin Orchards, Tewin, Hertfordshire, the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust has organised displays, tastings and tours of the orchard. Contact Rosemary Reynolds (0727 858901) for details. The apple map and full details of countrywide events to celebrate apple day can be had from Common Ground, 41 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9HJ (071-379 3109).