Gardening: Cuttings: Out of the toolbox

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OUR Toolbox column has yielded several comments and queries, two of which we print here: the first from a Nigel Fordham of Spring Bank, Great Rissington, Gloucestershire GL54 2LP, seeks help to unearth a particular kind of spade.

'A neighbour has a long-handled garden spade, purchased in Ireland about 40 years ago, with a 'pointed' blade not unlike the trowel illustrated on your column masthead.

'I have borrowed this to move chippings for the drive, and it was excellent. But I have not seen a similar spade for sale. Where can I get one?'

Our Toolbox maestro, Phil Llewellin, confesses to being perplexed by this inquiry and throws it open to readers.

Another comment arrives from Ms J D Lennard of Romford in Essex.

'A few weeks ago you gave a glowing report of the Silky F-180 pruning saw, and when I wrote to Damar International Ltd for one, I mentioned that their address revived memories of my wartime evacuation to Humberstone. A few days after the prompt arrival of the saw, I received from Brian M Martin, the managing director, a complimentary copy of a booklet consisting of memories and photographs of the Humberstone area. Wasn't that kind of him? I thought you should be aware of such thoughtfulness in your recommended dealers.'