Gardening Cuttings: Roses for peace

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ADMIRERS of the famous gardens of the Royal National Rose Society at St Albans are waiting uneasily for the outcome of an appeal lodged by Thaker Properties who want to build a world-class clay pigeon and skeet shooting ground next door to the garden. The original planning application was refused by St Albans District Council on the grounds of nuisance to local residents, increase of traffic and the unsightliness of the proposed clubhouse.

The society, which has recently embarked on a scheme to enlarge the rose garden and its trial grounds, will be opposing the appeal. 'The peace and tranquillity will be shattered by thousands of shots. The view will be blighted by floodlights and firing towers. This monstrous planning application poses the most dangerous threat to the our society in the 115 years of its existence,' says Michael Roberts, the deputy president. If you want to add weight to the argument, write to the Secretary of State, DoE, Room 1023, Tollgate House, Bristol BS2 9DJ.