Gardening: Cuttings: Roses rising

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HYBRID tea roses continue to outsell all other types according to the most recent list of top 10 varieties sent out by Cants, the rose growers of Colchester in Essex. 'Just Joey' comes at the top of its list, an HT which it raised, with coppery orange blooms. Seven out of the 10 are HTs. The floribunda 'Dame Wendy' gets as far as third place. This is a new free-flowering rose with mid-pink double blooms.

More good news on the mail order front comes from Jeremy Maule of Cambridge. He reports nothing but good of Valley Clematis, Hainton, Lincolnshire (0507 313398), 'which issues an excellent catalogue, dispenses very good advice on the telephone (always the same lady, though the catalogue only mentions a Keith Fair) and sent me four very healthy and advanced plants with great dispatch at very reasonable prices'.