Gardening: Give your weeds what they deserve

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THE suppliers should adopt a line from Kipling - 'Teach us delight in simple things' - as the slogan for the Cape Cod Weeder.

Imported from Bangor, Maine, this neat little tool could have been inspired by the tomahawk. A brass collar secures a strong, 3in blade of forged steel to an ash handle. The result is a beautifully balanced implement that weighs next to nothing, but gives the impression that it will give good service for many a long gardening year.

It is just the job for getting rid of weeds that dig their roots deep into the sort of crevices that might otherwise be tackled with nothing more appropriate than a knife. Plenty of leverage can be applied because it is just over a foot long.

Fans include Stuart Gilham, a professional gardener who helps keep the Llewellin estate in good order. His written report wasted no words: 'Good and strong. Easy to use. Pleasant to handle. Devastatingly effective. Ten out of ten.'

The Cape Cod Weeder costs pounds 14.99 (including p & p) from: The Traditional Garden Supply Company Ltd, 22 Guildford Park Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 5ND, (0483 450080).