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'FISHING for compliments?' was a typical reaction. Fair enough. The new Edington gardening boot is essentially a green Wellington to which elastic-topped leggings have been attached. They reach all the way to the naughty bits, so appear to be made for anglers rather than gardeners. They can be used as waders, but that's a bonus.

Thick, reinforced pads are the clue to the boots' role. Extending most of the way from knee to thigh, they are designed to banish the traditional kneeler to a far corner of the potting shed. I'm too set in my ways to wear anything other than filthy old Hunters, but my wife volunteered to test them.

'The idea is appealing, in theory. But I think they're too long - unless your garden's a swamp - and that makes them more cumbersome than convenient,' she reported. 'The knee-pads are comfortable, but much bigger than they need to be. My inclination would be to pay quite a lot less for conventional Wellies and a simple kneeling pad.'

The price is pounds 38.95 and includes pounds 4 for post and packing.

The Edington Sporting Co, 6-10 White Hays North, West Wilts Trading Estate, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 4JT (0373 825469).