Gardening: Tool Box: A clean sweep for the autumn

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GRASS clippings, twigs and other natural debris provided plenty of raw material for a trial run with the Wolf Super Sweep UK50, which should make life easier than usual when autumn carpets the garden with leaves. The UK50 designation indicates the sweeping width in centimetres. We are talking about 20 inches in real money.

Best described as a garden version of the old-fashioned carpet sweeper, the type used before the vacuum cleaner took over, it runs on wheels and rollers and has rotating brushes that sweep rubbish into a capacious nylon net container. Just how much this holds is questionable. The brochure claims 100 litres while the box the Super Sweep comes in says 80 litres.

Three height settings enable the sweeper to cope with a variety of conditions, but it is more efficient on a lawn than on a man-made surface.

According to Wolf, the bristles also prevent thatch and moss developing on the lawn. The list price is pounds 119.95 including VAT. Wolf is offering a free gift, of gardening gloves or shears, if you buy any of its products before the end of September.

Wolf-Tools Ltd, Alton Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 5NE (0989 767600).