Gardening: Tool Box: Fan heater comes without the hot air

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LETTERS denoting scientific and engineering qualifications - from BSc and CEng to MIEE and MIMechE - caught my eye among the details that accompanied the fan-type greenhouse heater from Findlay Irvine.

The fact that the company's directors are technical types, rather than slick salesmen, inspires confidence. This probably explains why the admirable Autoheat MPI, the smallest in a three-model range, comes with a clear and comprehensive booklet packed with useful information about greenhouse heating.

The thermostatically controlled MPI is electric - it even comes complete with a plug - and is designed for a greenhouse measuring up to 8ft by 6ft. The heater is compact and light enough to be lifted with one finger. The outer casing is made of strong plastic and is rust-proof.

Twelve temperature settings enable the heater's thermostat to be adjusted from about 3C (36F) to about 39C (100F). However, a maximum/minimum thermometer is essential for absolute accuracy. The motor and fan keep operating, in order to circulate air, after the required temperature has been reached.

The 1,250-watt Autoheat MPI costs pounds 64.10, including postage, and comes with a two-year warranty. Findlay Irvine Ltd, Bog Road, Penicuik, Midlothian EH26 9BU (0968 672111).