GARDENING / Tool Box: Grasp the nettle and seedlings, too

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THERE was a whiff of scandal at Tool Box Towers when money accompanied a pair of Garden Handy gloves and a press release on their virtues. Was this blatant bribery? Only if you believe a 20p coin has the power to corrupt.

It was there to make the point that fingers remain nimble enough to pick up a small coin while wearing these new gloves from the United States. They cost pounds 10.95 and combine strong, canvas cuffs and cotton backs with fingers and palms of a tough, flexible material called Nitrile. The package also included a twig with sharp thorns, which failed to penetrate the Nitrile. The blurb says this is the 'strongest soft material' made in the United States, and more durable than leather.

Stuart Gilham, a professional gardener, echoed my opinion: 'Gloves come off and on when jobs demand sensitivity. You can wear these all the time. I've had countless pairs of gardening gloves, but these are the best.'

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