Gardening / Tool Box: Not just a little squirt

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'LET US spray' was an appropriate joke when our local vicar came to finalise details for our daughter's wedding. He arrived for dinner after I had been squirting weeds with the five-litre version of Hozelock's new Premier Plus sprayer.

Easy to pump and convenient to use, it holds enough in its plastic container for about 15 minutes' spraying. The telescopic lance's maximum length is supplemented by a range of about seven yards when the nozzle is adjusted to a needle-like jet rather than a mist.

Other good points include a combined safety valve and pressure release, and a lock-on button that eliminates the need to keep the trigger pressed. The price (pounds 37.99) includes a carrying strap for moving the sprayer from place to place when your hands are full. It should not be confused with the haversack type that can be operated while slung on your back.

A professional gardener's safety tip comes from Stuart Gilham. 'Test the sprayer with water after you have assembled it,' he advises. 'You can identify and remedy any leaks before starting work with chemicals.'

Hozelock Ltd, Haddenham, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP17 8JD (0844 291881).