Gardening Update: Moles in holes

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A LETTER fram Dr Michael Bryant of Mayfield, East Sussex, commiserated over my loss of young runner-bean plants to rabbits and suggested the following solution.

'Cut off the tops and bottoms of litre-sized plastic tonic water bottles, slice down the sides of the remaining tubes and wrap them around the bean plants and their supporting canes. Due to this little ruse, we have lost no young bean plants in the last four years.'

In exchange, Dr Bryant wants suggestions for disposing of moles without actually killing them. He has tried mothballs, but the moles play football with them. From other sources I gather that upturned bottles and caper spurge plants are equally ineffective.

Some people swear rags soaked in creosote are the answer. I have also heard that a strong bramble stem poked into the run does the trick. Well it would, wouldn't it? More mole suggestions, please, to Anna Pavord, Weekend Features, The Independent, 40 City Road, London EC1Y 2DB. A bottle of something pleasing will be sent to whoever comes up with a proven new deterrent.