River lore

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The Thames Landscape Strategy: Hampton to Kew was the title of a document launched by the Government last summer. The strategy looked at ways of conserving an 11-mile stretch of the Thames, describing in detail the various natural habitats, and the history of the landscape that the river flows through.

Now the strategy has been refashioned as a handsomely illustrated book, with some superb essays by Mavis Batey, president of the Garden History Society. These start with a description of the actor David Garrick's villa and garden at Hampton. The focal point of the garden here was a Shakespeare temple, built in 1755. Inside was a lifesize statue of Garrick's idol, now on show in the British Museum.

The book, rechristened Arcadian Thames, is available from Barn Elms Publishing, 93 Castelnau, London SW13 9EL (081-748 6875), £16.50 plus £2 p&p.