Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Surgeon Captain: AP Steele-Perkins - MOD London.

Captains: PA Fish - Seahawk in Cmd; IR Henderson - Heron in Cmd; RG Kerr - MOD London; TW Loughran - Ark Royal in Cmd; TJ Norman-Walker - Staff of CINCNAVHOME; JC Rapp - Brilliant; CD Stanford - Coventry.

Commanders: CJ Clay - St Vincent; IM Crabtree - Nato; RSB Davies - MOD London; AD Ewing - BDS Washington; PC Ingham - Dryad MTS; DJ Issitt - MOD London; PH Jones - Sultan; N. Overington - Edinburgh in Cmd; BA Raymond - MOD W. Byfleet; MJ Robbins - MOD London; MS Rogers - Staff of CINCNAVHOME HQ; EDJ Sykes - Centurion; SM Turner - Defiance; JR Wills - Staff of FOSF.

Chaplains: RC Cutler - Rosyth; WE Weldon - Cochrane.


Brigadier: MJ Strudwick - to MOD.

Colonels: NHG Beard - to Staff Coll.; RPD Brook - to be Comdt CTC; DH Hills - to HQ ARRC; NG Quarrelle - to HQ Arrc.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MAD Donnithorne-Tait Scots DG - to BDS Washington; RA Dudin RE - to HQ UKLF; JK Marsham LI - to MOD: MS Norbury RE - to HQ UKLF; GT Robey Green Howards - to HQ Multinat Div (BAE); JR Wallace RCT - to be Co 3 Armed Div Tpt Regt; DMH Wright REME - to MOD; PW Clarke RE - to MOD; NA Clissitt RA - to Staff Coll; NR Drayton REME - to MOD; HAR Hancock R. Signals - to MOD; JP Riley RWF - to Staff Coll; NTS Williams REME - to Staff Coll.

Retirements: Col J. Cater, Late RA; Col RAS White, Late Int Corps.


Air Commodore: CV Thompson - to MOD.

Group Captains: GO Burton - to 1 SofTT RAF Halton; IWP McNeil - to RAF Regt Depot Catterick.

Wing Commanders: SJ Morris - to RAF St Athan; JL Greenhalgh - to RAF Rudloe Manor; ME Thornton - to RAF Newton; AJ Vincent - to DPRS; GL Torpy - to HQSTC.

Group Captains: DE North - to MOD; K. Ashton-Jones - to MOD; AS Ackichan - to MOD; RH Fletcher - to MOD; SJ Coy - to RAF St Mawgan.

Wing Commanders: NB Spiller - to HQSTC; BMA Dodhy - to RAF Uxbridge; AT Mitchell - to CMH Aldershot; B. Granville - to D of R & S (RAF); MC Stevens - to RAF Mt Pleasant.