Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commanders: AAS Adair - Nelson; M. Anderson - Talent in Cmd; ARC Bennett - MOD London; RJS Endersby - Staff of CINCNAVHOME HQ; CE Fisher - MOD Bath; AC Gordon-Lennox - MOD(Central Staff); IR Jenkins - MOD Bath; JWT Wright - MOD London.

Retirements: Commander R. Bramhall; Commander PJK Filewod.


Maj-Gen IC Mackay-Dick, to be Commander British Forces Falkland Islands in succession to Rear-Admiral NE Rankin.

Brigadier: JA McGregor - to be Comd Brit Lias Tm Kuwait.

Major-Generals: Brigadier GO Cowan QHP to be Commandant and Post-Graduate Dean Royal Army Medical College in the rank of Maj-Gen in succession to Maj-Gen IP Crawford GM QHP.

Colonels: Lt-Gen Sir Jeremy Blacker to be Col Cdnt Royal Armoured Corps; JJ Holiman - to be Asst Chaplain General HQ BAOR; WH Leach late RAMC to AEMH.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MF Bowman REME - to BDLS OTTAWA; A. Brown RE - to HQ ARRC; TP Clarke RA - to be CO 104 AD Regt; RN Coleman REME - to be CO 6 Bn REME; AF Foster RA - to MOD; RA Hills RE - to RE Diving Est RSME; MWD OLDNALL REME - to be Comd Equip Sup HQ; RB Paddison DERR - to be CO 2 Wessex; REP Spencer AGC(ALS) - to HQ BAOR; GA Young RA - to HQ AFCENT (Staff); AP Harris RE - to HQ RSME; GJ Attard RAMC to Princess Mary Hosp; BA Price RAMC to RAM Coll.


Air Commodore: DW Marchant - to HQ RAFSC.

Group-Captains: HV Lether - to USAWC MAXWELL; PNO Plunckett - to AHAPE.

Wing Commanders: JA Broderick - to ATOC KALKAR; CL Sexstone - to RAF Rudloe Manor; AML Barcroft - to DD LOG OPS MOD LONDON; GS Clark - to SACLANT, NORFOLK VA.