Six of the best lawnmowers

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Six models that illustrate the broad categories available

Ginge 28, pounds 59.95 (SRP)

Cutting width: 11in.

Height of cut: 15mm-35mm from three settings.

A basic push mower and as hassle-free as it gets. Weighs only 8kg, but you will have to be dedicated (and fit) to tackle a large area.

Qualcast Concorde 30, pounds 84.99

Cutting width: 12in.

Height of cut: 13mm-29mm from 3 settings.

A small, simple electric cylinder mower. Britain's biggest seller at more than six million. Easy to handle with a five-year guarantee.

Flymo Turbo Compact 300, pounds 139.99

Cutting width: 12in.

Height of cut: 7-25mm from 4 settings.

Electric hover mower with a clever integral grass box. Picks up cuttings very thoroughly, highly manoeuvrable, while folding handles make for easy storage. Height adjustment, as with all hover mowers, is a bit of a fiddle.

Hayter Harrier 41 Electric, pounds 229

Cutting width: 16in.

Height of cut: 12-65mm from 7 settings.

An electric rotary with rear roller, not self-propelled. Comfortable to use with a good range of easily altered cutting heights.

Suffolk Punch P14S, pounds 399.95

Cutting width: 14in.

Height of cut: 6-30 mm from 5 settings.

A traditional self-propelled petrol cylinder mower. Has a novel cassette system so you can whip out the cutting cylinder for sharpening or replace it with a power scarifier cassette for moss.

Honda HRB475 SXE, pounds 669

Cutting width: 12in.

Cutting height: Anything from 12mm-75mm.

A large, self-propelled, four-wheeled rotary mower with a powerful 4.5hp engine. Sophisticated and very robust, just the job if you have a lot of rough grass to subdue but too large for restricted spaces.

Further information and stockists:

Honda: 0800-378086 (freephone)

Hayter: 01279 723444

Suffolk Punch and Qualcast (Atco-Qualcast Ltd): 01449 771444

Flymo: 01325 300303

Ginge: 01207 590295