The 10 Best water-saving kit

We all know about the hosepipe ban, but there are other ways to do your bit to save H2O

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1. Water Gel


Create mini reservoirs around the roots of your plants, so the amount of water needed and the frequency of watering is cut.

2. RainPerfect Solar Powered Barrel Pump


Ingenious device attaches to your water butt and allows you to run a standard low-pressure hose.

3. Ecotouch Waterless Car Wash


The hosepipe ban may be in place but your car doesn't have to suffer. Just get this non-toxic wash.

4. Water Pebble


Pop it under the shower flow and it uses a traffic-light system to tell you when you've used over and above the "conservation level".

5. Pulse Eco Shower Head


Baths and showers are the enemy when it comes to saving water. You can, however, staunch the flow with this shower head.

6. Sankey Slim Water Butt


Pretty much the only way to ensure your plants don't wilt. This is tall and slim and will make the most of any rain we get.

7. Tap Aerator


This little low-tech gadget is surprisingly important when it comes to saving water. It cuts the water flow by 30 to 50 per cent.

8. Hippo the Water Saver


All hippos love water, and this one is no exception. Just pop the origami-style bag in your toilet's cistern to reduce the water used.

9. The Samsung Eco Bubble


Generates bubbles of water and detergent before the normal cycle begins and so washes up to 7.5kg while using much less water.

10. Watering can


The weight of a full can and the bother of returning to a tap over and over makes us think twice about spraying H20 everywhere.