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The 10 Best water-saving kit

We all know about the hosepipe ban, but there are other ways to do your bit to save H2O
  • @SAMuston

1. Water Gel

£8.99, amazon.co.uk

Create mini reservoirs around the roots of your plants, so the amount of water needed and the frequency of watering is cut.

2. RainPerfect Solar Powered Barrel Pump

£88.22, jabscoshop.com

Ingenious device attaches to your water butt and allows you to run a standard low-pressure hose.

3. Ecotouch Waterless Car Wash

£8.99, uk.ecotouch.eu

The hosepipe ban may be in place but your car doesn't have to suffer. Just get this non-toxic wash.

4. Water Pebble

£8.99, firebox.com

Pop it under the shower flow and it uses a traffic-light system to tell you when you've used over and above the "conservation level".

5. Pulse Eco Shower Head

£29.95, nigelsecostore.com

Baths and showers are the enemy when it comes to saving water. You can, however, staunch the flow with this shower head.

6. Sankey Slim Water Butt

£24.98, diy.com

Pretty much the only way to ensure your plants don't wilt. This is tall and slim and will make the most of any rain we get.

7. Tap Aerator

£4.95, biggreensmile.com

This little low-tech gadget is surprisingly important when it comes to saving water. It cuts the water flow by 30 to 50 per cent.

8. Hippo the Water Saver

£2.12, eco-washrooms.co.uk

All hippos love water, and this one is no exception. Just pop the origami-style bag in your toilet's cistern to reduce the water used.

9. The Samsung Eco Bubble

£307, appliancesonline.co.uk

Generates bubbles of water and detergent before the normal cycle begins and so washes up to 7.5kg while using much less water.

10. Watering can

£5.50, spottygreenfrog.co.uk

The weight of a full can and the bother of returning to a tap over and over makes us think twice about spraying H20 everywhere.