Tool Box: A full set and the rest is child's play

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TUDOR GILHAM must be a front-runner for the title of Britain's keenest gardener. He lives in Oswestry, Shropshire, and is the only horticulturist I know who cares for his tools to such an extent that they are kept in his bedroom together with teddy bears and other childhood treasures. Tudor, the son of a professional gardener, will soon be celebrating his second birthday.

The colourful tools that are his favourite toys - spade, rake, trowel, fork, bucket and watering can - are part of Chelful's award-winning Junior Gardener set. Each has its own stowage place in or on the set's wheelbarrow, which incorporates a water tank and hosepipe.

The green plastic barrow's design includes a wide wheel and broad, sturdy legs for enhanced stability. Like the rest of the equipment, it is useful, well made, inherently safe and easy to clean.

Liberal use of yellow plastic makes tools that have been left in far-flung corners of the garden considerably easier for parents to find. The implements have no sharp edges and the handles are strong, square-section, plastic tubes.

'I wouldn't say Tudor is pleased with

the set,' says his father, Stuart Gilham.

'Ecstatic is a more appropriate word.'

Chelful Ltd, Pybus Street, Derby DE22 3BB (0332 292190). Price pounds 19.99.

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