Tool box: Give your moles bad vibrations

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JASPER CARROTT used to do a wonderful monologue about moles. They are fascinating little creatures - but their attempts to create rivals to the Himalayas do not enhance a lawn, and the tunnels they excavate with formidable strength and industry can kill firmly rooted shrubs.

Molehills recently appeared in the field behind Tool Box Towers, reminding us how quickly our first garden came to resemble a set for All Quiet on the Western Front. We tried everything from digging to traps, but the moles were impervious. Anna Pavord, our gardening correspondent, reported a similarly frustrated search for a failsafe mole-stopper.

Hand grenades had been discussed before someone suggested putting little plastic children's windmills in half-buried milk bottles, the theory being that moles dislike unusual noises and vibrations. We were sceptical, but the ploy worked wonderfully.

Now Dynamole has converted the idea into a business proposition. The firm's green plastic windmills do the trick, if you prefer not to dot your garden with bottles. Each is attached to a hollow tube, about a metre long. However, the DIY alternative commends itself if you have a big lawn: a pack of three Dynamoles costs pounds 9.95 and the maker recommends one per square metre.

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