Tool Box: Home-made but canny garden tool

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MANY garden tools are imported. So, nothing if not a patriot, I was delighted to see 'Made in England' moulded into the bottom of the New Forester '2-in-1' watering can from Geeco.

You might think watering cans differ only in detail, but the plastic Geeco is a thoughtful, practical design with several commendable features. For instance, one side is calibrated in litres while the other is marked in gallons, of which the can holds just over two. The filler neck also offers a convenient stowage place for the round rose used for normal watering.

It is a '2-in-1' because there is an additional, much finer, propagation rose for watering seedlings or small plants. Another neat detail is the 7.5in extension spout. I also like the way the can stands on a broad base and tapers slightly, in the interests of stability.

The retail price is pounds 11.99, but you should be able to find one for about pounds 10.

Geeco Ltd, Gore Road Industrial Estate, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6SE (0425 614600).