Tool Box: Is this an answer to the little buzzers?

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INVENT a better mousetrap, said Ralph Waldo Emerson, the American philosopher, and the world will beat a path to your door. A company called Catchensure may have had this in mind when it devised the Waspy, which costs pounds 5.99 and is described as 'the natural way to wipe out wasps'. The world might, however, be well advised to beat a path elsewhere, if our experience was typical.

The trap can be placed in the house, but qualifies for Tool Box by being particularly suitable for outdoor use, according to the maker. It is about 6in tall, made of plastic, and consists of an opaque conical top with a bright yellow base. The colour, presumably, is intended to lure the little buzzers to their doom.

You remove the top and bait the base with the sort of stuff wasps like eating, such as honey, vinegar and fermented fruit juice. The publicity blurb says: 'The wasps will easily find their way into the enticing cone - but cannot find their way out.'

Unfortunately, Tool Box's surveillance team cannot endorse that claim. Several wasps were seen to enter the trap, feast on its contents, then emerge looking grateful. Only one failed to escape during a 96-hour test in a 'busy' corner of the garden.

Catchensure Ltd, 2 London Wall Buildings, London EC2 MSPP (071-628 4200).

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