Tool Box: Solo on a bowsaw

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LAST WEEK'S storm was vicious enough to rip branches off one of the ancient hawthorns that mark our southern boundary. The chainsaw was the lazy man's tool for the job of sawing them up, but this was an opportunity to combine exercise with a test of the Sandvik 9-24-51-KP.

What appears to be a code mysterious enough to baffle the wartime Bletchley Park cryptographers is Sandvikspeak for a light, compact and efficient bowsaw whose 24in blade has 83 triangular teeth.

A gnarled branch six inches thick was severed in only 35 seconds. My progress slowed after that, because I am not as fit as Nigel Kennedy, but the effort required remained commendably low right to the end of the job. The saw's performance appeared all the more admirable when I realised that Sandvik describes this model as 'best' for cutting dry or seasoned wood and only 'good' for logs and green timber.

Thoughtful details include a knuckle guard and a plastic cover for the blade, which costs pounds 4.86 to replace.

The saw itself is listed at pounds 12.98.

Sandvik Saws and Tools UK, Manor Way, Halesowen, West Midlands (021-550 4700)

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