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Prune out old fruited canes of loganberry and tie in the new growths, fanning them out as evenly as possible. Clear rows of peas and broad beans that have finished cropping. Clean out bolted lettuce and dog-eared radish.

Take cuttings of rosemary, lavender, thyme and sage, pulling off shoots about six inches long with a good heel attached and lining them out two to three inches deep in light, sandy soil.

The last planting date for Christmas hyacinths is now. Set the bulbs in a bowl so their noses just poke out of the top of well-moistened compost. Keep the pots in a cool place (9C/48F) for at least 12 weeks.

This summer has been lethal for heathers: many are as crisp and brown as an overdone rasher. If you need replacements, check healthy plants for shoots that are lolling on the ground. They often have the beginnings of roots underneath. Cut off these branches and replant in fresh ground.

Start planting daffodil bulbs outside. They always look better in big groups than dotted about in ones and twos.