Weekend Work: Deadheading, deal with bindweed and sycamore seeds, plant out leeks

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To do

Deadhead lilac trees and shear over clumps of aubrieta and arabis to remove dead flowerheads. Cut back the foliage of early flowering irises ( I. unguicularis) so that the sun can ripen the rhizomes. This will increase flower power early next year. Trim off dead flower spikes of early flowering bearded iris.

* Sycamore seedlings are springing up like an army of dragons' teeth. Remove them before they get a hold.

* Plant out leeks as soon as you can get hold of young plants. The old gardeners round our way always trim the tops of the plants before they set them out. They say that if there is less top growth the roots of the leeks establish more quickly. Make deep holes with a dibber about 15cm (6in) apart in rows 37cm (15in) apart. Drop a leek into each hole and water in well.

* Keep on top of bindweed (counsel of perfection), especially where it threatens to join up with climbers such as clematis. It is particularly difficult to extricate from situations such as these once it has got a hold.

To see

Every two years the Dorset Gardens Trust arranges a spectacular garden day with plants, secondhand gardening books and garden sundries for sale. On Sunday 27 June they are gathering among the lime walks and herbaceous borders of Chideock Manor, Chideock, nr Bridport, Dorset DT6 6LF. The garden is rarely open and June is the perfect time to catch the arum lilies which crowd the banks of the stream there. Design titans Kim Wilkie and Tim Richardson are both giving talks (tickets £10 from 01308 488232). Admission to the garden day is £5. For more information go to www.dorsetgardenstrust.co.uk