Weekend Work: Time to bury weeds

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What to do

Weeds are growing fast in earth that is still warm. Bury them by mulching thickly with compost, or cut them off with a hoe.

Clean out greenhouses, scrubbing them inside and out with a disinfectant that will shift pests that thought they had winter board and lodging there.

Continue to plant daffodil bulbs to naturalise in grass. The best tool for this is a long-handled bulb planter, which you use like a spade to take out deep plugs of soil and turf. The bulb goes in the hole, is sealed up with the plug and miraculously, heaves its way through in spring.

The best bulbs for naturalising are not necessarily the biggest. Avoid mixed job lots and choose instead real wildlings such as the Tenby daffodil, 'Narcissus obvallaris' or the Lent lily, 'Narcissus lobularis', both of which flower in March.

Puschkinia and 'Anemone blanda' will also naturalise very successfully and should be planted as soon as possible. Puschkinia can be planted in short grass, rockeries or in the front of a border.

What to see

Fergus Garrett of Great Dixter in Sussex is the most inspiring (and inspired) gardener in Britain. On Monday 12 October (10am-4.30pm) he's leading a practical study day at Dixter explaining how to prepare your flower border for a good show next spring and summer. To book (£100 including lunch) call 01797 252878 ext 3 or e-mail office@greatdixter.co.uk