Weekend Work: Time to plant early potatoes


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* Plant early potatoes. 'Accent' is a good, waxy first early, and 'Kestrel' a fine second early, usually ready for lifting in July. It roasts well.

* French beans can be started off in boxes indoors. Wooden apple boxes lined with newspaper allow plenty of room for growth. They must not go out before late May as they are prone to frost damage.

* Daffodils can be dead-headed, which prevents the bulbs from wasting energy on producing seeds.

* Camellias need picking over too, as they are reluctant to shed their withered flowers.


* Gardens to visit this weekend include botanical artist Rosemary Lindsay's patch at 5 Burbage Rd, Herne Hill, London SE24 9HJ, with plenty of beautifully planted pots. Teas and home-grown plants for sale. Open tomorrow (2-5pm), admission £3.50. At 51 The Chase, London SW4 0NP, Charles Rutherfoord who is a member of the Society of Garden Designers has created a spectacular show of tulips blooming among 15 different kinds of tree. Open tomorrow (2-5pm), admission £3.50.