Weekend work: Time to raid the garden centre


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What to do

Raid the garden centre for pots of autumn-flowering Cyclamen neapolitanum. Only now, when the plants are in flower, can you sort the pinks from the whites. No garden can ever have too many cyclamen. It's my new diktat.

Remember to water your camellias, especially if they're growing in pots. Buds are being initiated now for next spring's display and they must not get too dry.

Weeds can be brought to heel with a dose of herbicide, but use only in calm weather. If you are fighting horsetail, trample it lightly underfoot before spraying – it increases the rate at which the plants absorb the herbicide.

Well-established hedges of beech, hornbeam, privet and yew should be clipped this month. Box, holly, laurel and Leyland cypress should also be tackled if necessary.

What to see

More than 350 pieces of sculpture are on display in the magnificent gardens of Doddington Hall, Doddington, Lincs LN6 4RU. Carefully chosen by owners Claire and James Birch, work in wood, marble, stone, bronze and glass is displayed in the Elizabethan walled garden, in the working kitchen garden of two acres and in the romantic wild garden. The exhibition runs until the end of the month. Go to doddingtonhall.com or call 01522 694 308