Weekend work: Time to sow seed in the vegetable garden


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* Conditions should be right now for sowing more seed in the vegetable garden. Try peas, lettuce, chervil, radish, and if you have not already done so, start celeriac off in a pot inside. When the seedlings have grown, prick them out in trays, as you would annual flowers, and grow them on until they are big enough to set in rows in their final positions.

* Keep an eye on the way clematis are growing. Left to themselves they tangle in a clump. Tweak out the various shoots and set them off in different directions, so they cover the widest possible area. They are much happier growing through other shrubs than they are on their own. Try 'Lady Londesborough' through a pittosporum.

* Weeds have been growing at a hundred miles an hour since the sun started shining. Try, at least, to keep on top of the most free-seeding types such as groundsel, landcress and dandelion.