Weekend work: Time to tend to apricots and figs


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* June pruning can be disposed of quite quickly, though apricots and figs will both need attention if they are grown as fans trained against a wall. Pinch back the lateral shoots of fan-trained apricots, leaving about 8cm/3in of the shoot in place. If there are sub-laterals growing from the laterals, pinch these back leaving only one leaf in place. Cut out entirely any branches that are crossing each other.

* Bay trees grown as standards or pyramids need clipping once or twice during summer. Keep the leaves for cooking. Remove any suckers that spring up from the base of standard bays.


* Gardens open in London this weekend include the 46 mini-plots in Choumert Square, London SE15 4RE where the residents all work together in a remarkably secret space. Open tomorrow (1-6pm), £4. New to the Gardens Open scheme is Peter Beardsley's garden at 160A Stapleton Hall Rd, Stroud Green, London N4 4QJ, with loosely planted glades of perennials. Open tomorrow (12-6pm), £3.50.