Weekend work: Time to tend to hanging baskets


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What to do

Pinch out the growing tips of greenhouse tomato plants to encourage them to concentrate on ripening their existing fruit.

Continue to feed plants in tubs and hanging baskets.

Tie in new growths of dahlias and chrysanthemums. Disbud dahlias regularly for the best display of blooms.

Cut down canes of raspberries that have fruited and tie in new ones. Cut down the old foliage of strawberry plants and dispose of the straw on the compost heap.

Take cuttings of indoor plants such as coleus, tradescantia, zebrina and busy lizzies. Take cuttings 8-10cm/3-4in long from the tips of busy lizzies (Impatiens species) and push them into a pot of sandy compost. When they have rooted well and are growing away, pinch out the tops of the cuttings to encourage bushy growth. Take cuttings of coleus 8cm/3in long, choosing the non-flowering shoots to pot up singly in John Innes No 1 compost.

What to see

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