Weekend Work: Time to treat paths with weedkiller


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* Soft-surface paths can be top-dressed with crushed bark if necessary. Whether to treat paths with weedkiller first is a vexed question. Self-seeded violets and primroses look charming, dandelions not so good. Bindweed is already showing its head. Clobber it with a herbicide such as Roundup.

* Nip the heads from daffodils as they die to stop them diverting their energy into seed production. Do not cut down or bundle up the leaves. The bulbs below need the resources fed down from above if they are to produce the goods next year.


* The Alde Valley Spring Festival in Suffolk opens today and continues until 18 May celebrating food, farming, landscape and the arts. Stitched into the programme is an eclectic series of events at White House Farm, Great Glemham, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1LS, where Peter Harrison will be preparing a series of farm suppers (£29.50 for three courses) using produce from farms in the Alde Valley. For full details see aldevalleyspringfestival.co.uk.